Saturday, 13 October 2012

Canon Camera Lens Mugs

Canon Camera Lens Mugs
Just a week ago, we walked into our local cafe, and our barista handed us our latte in a mug that looked just like a lens. She even topped it off with camera-shaped latte art and creamer in a film canister.
We just about died, but then we woke up instead.
Desperate for our dream to come true, we wished on shooting stars, wishbones, pennies, fallen eyelashes, and sure enough, it worked.
Behold, two Canon Lens Mugs that look *just like* your favorite lenses.
Both mugs come with wildly realistic detail. Since when did any of your mugs have lens cap tops and rubber-grip focus rings? They even have an auto-focus switch!
Perfect for keeping hot drinks hot on the go, these lens doppelgängers are outfitted with easy to clean, heat preserving, stainless steel lining.
Now, picture yourself having the coolest desk in the office with your lenticular jelly-bean holder. Or ... scooping a delicious ice-cream fudge sundae out of a Canon L-lens.

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