Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Digital Stage Piano

Digital Stage Piano
The Whaletone is an advanced digital stage piano that combines high-end musical components with the beauty of form. Conceptualized by European designer Robert Majkut, the Whaletone is an elegant, monumental and dynamic p
iece that helps musicians create great music just like before, but with the added benefit of upping the artistic factor since it looks more like a unique sculpture than it does a conventional piano. The design represents a fusion between the forms of a classic grand piano and a great whale. We love the colour options that Whaletone offers – the hot pink screams pop art, while the black and white colour combination oozes with timeless sophistication and mimics the marine mammal’s form more realistically. The piano features a velvet interior, electrically controlled lid, a four-channel amplifier, built-in speakers, an Ivory Feel keyboard and a built-in list of 500 sounds.

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