Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Kings Little Pathway

The Kings Little Pathway
I can’t ever imagine a King actually chucking his comfy old walking shoes and a daggy backpack on to creep along this ledge can you? Apparently he did however and if it’s good enough for a King I reckon it’s good enough for me! If I got my courage on I would put myself on this edge although currently I feel like wetting myself just looking at the skinny ledge via a picture. I’m really not sure how my vertigo and the pathway would get along but all the same….
It’s magnificent isn’t it? El Caminito del Rey is the Spanish pronunciation for the place (The Kings Little Pathway is the English translation). Sounds kinda sexy yes? I doubt it. It looks to me like a place of hard work and when I say hard work I mean hiking, rock climbing… all things requiring big scoops of energy and a certain athleticism. Definitely a pathway to an adventurers heaven. Perhaps it would be sexy if there was a Spanish lad waiting at the other end just for you!?
It’s positioned 100 meters up from the river level below and was built in 1901 when workers needed access between the two falls for inspection and maintenance of the channel. Can you imagine building such a thing? One word….HOW? It blows my mind.
Do you reckon you’d trust those little bar supports under the ledge? The Spanish must think they’re alright although in Google it describes this pathway as one of the scariest hikes in the world and Google knows everything.
Oh, oooopss… as I was just finishing up on this post up, I looked into why this is one of the scariest hikes in the world only to discover it actually was closed in the year 2000 after a couple of fatal falls. They are currently restoring it and no doubt will upgrade the safety aspect for future re-opening.
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