Sunday, 21 October 2012

World's Smallest Camera

World's Smallest Camera
Hammacher Schlemmer now sells what it claims to be the world's smallest camera for $100. The miniature digicam is small enough to rest on a finger, measuring 1.125 inches long, 1 inch wide and 1.062 inches deep.
It's not a terrible camera for its size, either, with a 2-megapixel sensor that captures 1600-by-1200 resolution photos with auto-focus, or 30 frames per second AVI video in 640-by-480 resolution. A 2 GB microSD card is built in, and there's a USB port for transferring photos to a PC. The built-in rechargeable battery gets 30 minutes of use per charge.
But is the "World's Smallest Camera" really the world's smallest? As Engadget notes, JTT's Chobi Cam One is actually smaller in volume at 0.934 cubic inches, compared with 1.195 cubic inches for the Hammacher Schlemmer camera.
The Super Small Spy Digital DC DV, available at Brando, also trumps the "World's Smallest Camera" with a volume of 1.102 cubic inches.
Some spy cameras, like the one sold by SpyVille, are even smaller, though they must be attached to an external battery. And if you exit the world of consumer tech, you'll find cameras like the NanEye 2B, which is smaller than a matchstick head and is meant for medical use.
So with all due respect to Hammacher Schlemmer, its claim to the "World's Smallest Camera" doesn't hold up. We'll give it extra points for cuteness, though.
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