Friday, 9 November 2012

Bigar Waterfall, Caras Severin, Romania

  According to Sandra and comments on Reddit, this is the Bigar Cascade Falls in Carass Severin, Romania at the 45th parallel (45° 0′ 15.28″ N 21° 57′ 36.41″ E). The dramatic moss-covered falls are situated in the forests of the Anina Mountains and is formed by an underground water spring that spills into the Minis River.
The stunning image above by Sandra Rugina is available as a print on Etsy for $29.00 USD. The print is a 20cm x 30cm (about 8in x 10-12in) high quality photo print with photographic inks on high quality photo paper. A small signature will be added the back of the photo with black writing, and of course there will be no watermark.
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