Thursday, 1 November 2012

IPhone Photo Cube Printer

iPhone Photo Cube Printer
The little Photo Cube Printer is compact, convenient, and instantly prints a clear 4”x 6” photo from any iPhone. No computer is needed! No don’t need to upload images to a computer before you print a picture – just connect any iPhone to the photo printer, and in less than 60 seconds, you’ll have a beautifully clear image in hand.
You don’t need to pass your iPhone around any longer; now you can have an actual print to share with others, while your iPhone stays safely in your possession. The Photo Cube Printer lets you have your iPhone, and pictures too! Just connect your iPhone to the photo printer, and plug it in. Android Smartphones and iPhone 5s can easily be connected to the printer via your phone’s charging cable and USB connection on the side of the printer. This little photo printer is always ready to print a 4”x 6” image at a moment’s notice. No files to upload or download.
Weighing about 3 pounds, this little portable printer can easily tuck inside a daypack, backpack or bag. It’s the little photo printer that can. It can print off your mobile device in just seconds .
• Includes trial cartridge (12 prints) for picture printer
• Additional 36-print cartridge also available
• Photographs are smudge- and tear-proof, fade- and water-resistant.
• Prints one, four, or 10 images (300 dpi) on each 4" x 6" borderless sheet
• Picture printer features all in one paper and ribbon cartridge
• Photo Cube Printer also charges your mobile device
• Photo printer is compact at 7”x4”x6”
• Comes with USB connector, AC adapter
• Dock, view and print with the little compact photo printer
• Compatible with
- iPod touch (2nd, rd, and 4th generation) – iOS 3.0 and above
- iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5 – iOS 3.0 and above
- iPhone 5 by plugging the device into the USB outlet with the iPhone 5s USB cable
- All iPads
- Android smartphones – OS 2.0 and above.
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