Wednesday, 14 November 2012

LaCie PetiteKey USB 32GB Flash Drive

LaCie PetiteKey USB 32GB Flash Drive
If you are looking for an ultra small but handy USB flash drive the new LaCie PetiteKey whaihc has been launched this week by LaCie might be worth more investigation.
The tiny USB flash drive is equipped with either 8, 16 or 32GB of storage and is strong enough to be kept on your keys without any worry of it getting damaged.
The LaCie PetiteKey is also waterproof and resistant to a depth of 100 metres, scratch resistant and uses AES 256-bit data encryption offers ultra-secure data protection.
“With the LaCie PetiteKey, compact design meets solid data protection and capacity. The key-shaped design is back – now even more functional and memorable than ever before. Best of all, the PetiteKey’s models allow you to fit an enormous amount of data in a small flash drive.”
The LaCie PetiteKey is now available to purchase starting at $15 for the 8GB, $23 for the 16GB and $40 for the 32GB drive directly from the LaCie online store.

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