Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Parrot Zikmu Solo

Parrot Zikmu Solo
In an era where digital, dematerialised music is all around us, the Zikmu Solo lets you stream your favourite songs from any Bluetooth device.
It also integrates NFC technology, enabling pairing with a simple gesture. Put your Smartphone* next to the Zikmu Solo and a connection between the two devices will be instantly created, with music passing from the Smartphone to the speaker.
* Only works with NFC compatible Smartphones that include this feature and are running the Android OS version 4.1 or above

The Zikmu Solo also integrates WiFi/n, the standard, universal wireless technology, which will let you browse through a multitude of audio sources and relay high-quality sound.
 Integrating an option for fast WiFi synchronisation, the Zikmu Solo supports an instant connection with routers equipped with WPS by pressing both buttons simultaneously.

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