Thursday, 15 November 2012

Weapon Of Last Resort: The Palm Pistol

Weapon Of Last Resort: The Palm Pistol
Pistols of various calibers and sizes have enjoyed an illustrious history. Less illustrious are the smaller pistols that are often the tools of assassins and other unsavory types. Ever heard of the Derringer? Perfect example. It’s a common fixture in American Westerns and is usually carried in ladies’ purses or tucked under a sleeve.
The Palm Pistol above carries on in the same inglorious tradition. Marketed as a defensive weapon to be used as a last resort, the Palm Pistol is still a prototype and alterations might transform the product in the coming months. Given its shape, the single shot .38 Palm Pistol’s has a thumb button for a trigger and can be kept anywhere when not in use. Just try to keep it out of reach from the kids.
Since the Palm Pistol has no safety mechanism, it’s best used when a person absolutely has to defend themselves from an assailant. Considering its dainty size though, why bother? Especially when it only chambers a single round when dozens of cheap and small handguns pack more oomph inside their pocket sized frames. The German Walther PPK of World War 2 renown comes to mind. Still, you never know when a Palm Pistol comes in handy.
The Palm Pistol goes into production later this year. Stay tuned for updates when it hits stores.

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